Anti Ragging

Upholding dignity and respect-zero tolerance for harassment, fostering a safe and inclusive learning environment.

According to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India’s directives and the AICTE and UGC regulations of 01.07.2009 and 17.06.2009, “Ragging” is prohibited in all forms. Ragging includes one or more of the following behaviours, whether intentionally committed by a student or group of students or not:

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The Committees Below Have Been Established To Prevent "Ragging"

Proctorial Board

This committee, which is led by the Chief Proctor, has the authority to investigate such areas and is tasked with conducting surprise raids on hostels and other locations where ragging may occur and being vulnerable to events.

Mentoring Cell

A mentoring cell was established by the institution, made up of students who volunteered to be mentors for the freshmen.

  • Security (In-Campus): +91 522 -6196307
  • Police (Out Post): 7839860983
  • Asst. Security Officer: 9628374446
  • Chief Proctor (Shri Vishwanath PG college): +91 522 -6196216, 9889786389


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