Founder / Manager

Pioneering education with passion and purpose, our founder shapes futures, leading with vision and dedication.

Shri Bholanath Singh

Founder / Manager, Shri Vishwanath Group of Education, Kalan, Sultanpur (U.P.)

The auspicious date of March 5, 2005 when a child of knowledge named Shri Vishwanath Mahavidyalaya, Kalan, Sultanpur was born. Where education got mixed with global and social concerns. In the Yagya in which my life of more than 40 years was continuously sacrificed, in the form of samidha of Jnanayaksha.

Today, when I evaluate my past, I find myself standing on slippery but relatively firm ground. Along with honesty, hard work, dedication and self-confidence have been my path throughout this journey. Charaiveti….. Charaiveti…. Because “Rome Was Not Builtin a Day.”

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We have cherished a dream – about this institute, campus, family and infra. Regarding study-teaching and discipline, which should not be covered from above, should be qualitative, should be internal. Where education meets all challenges, education is visible in everyday life, where the students of A. P. J. Be a “missile man” like Kalam, be a student Kalpana Chawla, be Kiran Bedi.

Mother’s debt is the most prominent among the debts imposed on humans. To get rid of the debt of our motherland, there is no better way than donating education through Gyansthali. This is my main objective for its establishment.


During this period we have tried to touch the pinnacle of academic achievements. Many achievements are still untouched, on which we are firmly moving forward. We are far from the destination, the destination is not far from us.

We are grateful to the office bearers of Shri Vishwanath Shiksha Samiti, Uttar Bharat Sangh Mumbai, known and unknown great personalities along with the local people. We will surely be successful with your cooperation and support. Because there are no Alps in the path of Napoleon.


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