Faculty of Commerce

The Department of Commerce offers its students a comprehensive understanding of a variety of courses, including company organisation, financial accounting, corporate law, economic theory, and business communication, as well as a dynamic atmosphere for their academic advancement.

The Department’s instructors are well-known for their backgrounds in organisational behaviour and finance, and they also teach students about the discipline’s applications in income tax, business law, and auditing. Developing in students a sense of social responsibility is an aim that is weaved into educational methods. In keeping with this approach, the classroom environment is democratic and values individual variances in viewpoint. Most essential, educators are always accessible to their students.

Beyond the classroom, a variety of activities are conducted to support student learning, such as seminars, workshops, paper presentations, field trips, etc.

School Of Excellence

A hub for multi programmes across multiple disciplines. The College currently provides UG and PG programmes in Arts & Humanities, Biotechnology, Commerce & Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Training Certificate and Science to the student body through a number of schools.

Career Opportunities

Industry engagement is a key component of the programme, and regular highlights include industry visits, internships on real projects, and leadership mentoring. By being a member of prominent industrial associations, the college has established great relationships with the main industries in the area. Young Indians has an active chapter at the college where students can attend corporate seminars and events and engage in comprehensive dialogue with professionals in the industry.


SVNPGC takes pride in its world-class infrastructure and student-focused facilities. The most emphasis is placed on experiential learning, and students are urged to think outside the box when it comes to project and practical ideas. The college features over 25 labs and workshops that are fully furnished with the newest, most advanced equipment and supplies. Through the language lab, particular attention is paid to the development of communication skills. The pupils have access to over a thousand computers.

Academic Programs

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B.Com. - Bachelor Of Commerce

M.Com. - Master Of Commerce

Necessary guidelines for admission:-

The student will choose 3 major subjects from the following subject group. Keep in mind that a maximum of 2 subjects can be selected from each group. In the Faculty of Arts, only maximum 2 subjects can be taken as practical subjects.

Subject Group for Faculty of Commerce:-

Subject 1 Subject 2 Subject 3
1. Business Organization 2. Business Communication 3. Business Statistics

Subject 1
1. Introduction To Computer Application


Subject 1
खाद्य पोषण एवं स्वच्छता (Food Nutrition & Hygien)


Subject 1
1. बिक्री एवं विपणन (Sales & Marketing Management)

Other Facilities

The Library contains more than 30,000 books in its collection. Both teachers and students have access to a variety of periodicals and publications. The campus’s infrastructure includes amenities for student housing, green spaces, a canteen, a food court, a gym, free WiFi, a mini market, hangout spots for students, a sports complex, and leisure halls with video games, music, and entertainment options.

In Course

The goal of the commerce course is to give students a broad understanding of management concepts and abilities in areas such as banking, accounting, insurance, investments, finance, accounting, taxation, and management. A prospective employee majoring in commerce has the option of entering the public or private sectors.

Learning Outcomes

A student who completes a degree in commerce is well-prepared to succeed as an entrepreneur or corporate worker. The student has a thorough awareness of the elements of the business world that are pertinent to the market and is capable of adjusting to the changes in the flexible business environment. However, in the event that the student decides to launch their own company, they will be able to manage it profitably and competently without having to pay for market research or experienced accountants.

Since the GST was implemented, the majority of companies are favouring recent graduates in commerce and postgraduates. This is due to the possibility that recent graduates will adjust to the new tax systems more quickly than more seasoned applicants.

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