Chief Proctor

Upholding discipline, ensuring a conducive learning environment-nurturing responsibility, respect, and academic integrity.

Dr. Ved Prakash Singh

Chief Proctor, Shri Vishwanath P.G. College, Kalan, Sultanpur

Discipline is not a punishment given or a burden imposed. This is the emergence and development of his good qualities in human instincts. At the individual level it is called self-discipline and discipline in the social context. This not only expresses the positive side of body-mind-mind but also improves the future of our family, neighborhood, society and nation.

All the students are equally responsible members of the college family. It is their moral duty to make this family clean, orderly and disciplined.

The college administration is committed to provide a self-disciplined and healthy educational environment within its limited resources. All the members together can take it forward on the path of prosperous development.

Let us give our best and try harder to take it closer to the goal.

Managing Director- Ved Prakash Singh


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