Faculty of Management

Beyond only corporate management, the Department of Management focuses on management education. The dedication is to providing thinking leadership with a thorough grasp of business. With a focus on concepts and theory, the pedagogical approach integrates research, instrumented feedback, fieldwork, and case studies.

Our department, management, prepares students to handle the pressure of intense competition. Human behaviour, organisational psychology and behaviour, economics, mathematical methods, finance and accounting, marketing, manufacturing and operations, and information technology are all fairly balanced in our education. There are lots of opportunities for students to develop their creativity and take advantage of workplace advancements. Our curriculum includes visits from representatives of academia and business to inform students about current theoretical advancements as well as business needs. To instill in them the ground realities of corporate work and culture, industrial tours and trainings are planned.

When it comes to our daily employment, a lack of ethics and communication skills causes a lot of issues that get worse with time. As a result, students are receiving the attention they need to integrate these, enabling them to meet and exceed the expectations of employers, society, and customers while also adding value to their work.

School Of Excellence

A hub for multi programmes across multiple disciplines. The College currently provides UG and PG programmes in Arts & Humanities, Biotechnology, Commerce & Management, Information Technology, Pharmacy, and Science to the student body through a number of schools.

Career Opportunities

Industry engagement is a key component of the programme, and regular highlights include industry visits, internships on real projects, and leadership mentoring. By being a member of prominent industrial associations, the college has established great relationships with the main industries in the area. Young Indians has an active chapter at the college where students can attend corporate seminars and events and engage in comprehensive dialogue with professionals in the industry.


SVNPGC takes pride in its world-class infrastructure and student-focused facilities. The most emphasis is placed on experiential learning, and students are urged to think outside the box when it comes to project and practical ideas. The college features over 25 labs and workshops that are fully furnished with the newest, most advanced equipment and supplies. Through the language lab, particular attention is paid to the development of communication skills. The pupils have access to over a thousand computers.

Academic Programs

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B.B.A - Bachelor Of Business Administration

Management Course

Globally, management experts are employed in many kinds of departments and commercial domains. They are excellent leaders in any institution, agency, or organisation due to their deep comprehension of business settings and the inner workings of business processes.

These managers almost have a choice as to what fields they will excel in with the correct training and connections! Every area of study concentration and career focus opens up new opportunities in the business world, from small businesses to multinational corporations. Companies worldwide are searching for managers who possess the knowledge, awareness, and morality to hold incredibly significant roles in accounting, finance, foreign relations, human resources/services, and more!

Subject for BBA (Select any one)

Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Finance, Banking & Insurance, Event Management & Public relations, Digital Marketing & E Commerce and Family Business & Startups.

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