Our vibrant research community thrives on curiosity, collaboration, and innovation, driving us to explore new frontiers of knowledge and contribute meaningfully to our society.

Shri Vishwanath P.G. College fosters a vibrant research ecosystem. Our dedicated faculties, spanning diverse Departments, drive impactful research across scientific domains, engineering, and technology, as well as humanities and social sciences. We recognize the growing imperative for collaborative research with a multidisciplinary approach, given the contemporary demands for extensive resources, often under intense competition.

Encompassing a wide spectrum of disciplines including Engineering, Pharmacy, ITI, Sciences, Management, Social Sciences, Humanities, and Education, our comprehensive Doctoral Programs offer a robust platform for academic exploration.

For inquiries pertaining to admission in specific subjects, please consult the Admission Notification, accessible on the website in the months of June and December annually.

Supporting aspiring researchers, our College provides a Research Fellowship amounting to Rs 12,000/- per month during the first and second years, increasing to Rs 15,000/- per month in the third year. Full-time candidates in subjects such as Engineering, Computer Applications, Management, Sciences, Biochemistry, Food & Nutrition, and Pharmaceutical Sciences are eligible for this fellowship after post-successful completion of the Pre Ph.D. Course Work and endorsement of the proposed research plan. Recipients of the College Research Fellowship are anticipated to contribute 10 hours per week toward teaching responsibilities.

Admission procedures and related regulations adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Shri Vishwanath P.G. College, Ph.D. Ordinance.

Research Activities


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