M.Sc. Agriculture – Master of Science (Genetics and Plant Breeding)

A master’s degree in Genetics and Plant Breeding is a two-year postgraduate study in agriculture. This is an art, science and technology which artificially improved the genetic architecture of domesticated and wild plant species with the help of applications of principles of genetics and plant biotechnology for beneficial of mankind in relation to social and economic aspects. The students will largely learn technical techniques for improving varieties and genetic stocks, changing the genetic make-up of plants and developing novel breeding strategies to increase food, feed, and fibre production.


The programme is covering the major areas thatdevelopment, improvement and seed production of thegenetically and physically purecrop variety underinvitroand in vivo conditions such as high yielding, improved variety, quality traits, quantitative traits, hybrids, cybrids, mutant, transgenics, polyploidy, haploids, GM crops with the help of application ofconventional and biotechnical tools of plant breeding. The course prepares students to contribute in enhancement of germplasm.

Career Opportunities

After completing their MSc in Genetics and Plant Breeding, students can pursue a PhD and they may work in several government or non-government areas like as central agriculture university, state agricultural university, KVKs, seed business, crop research directories, crop plantation facilities, plant breeding centres, germplasm conservation centres, nurseries, agriculture ministries, genetic engineering firms, research laboratories, biotechnology corporations, and other employers hire these post graduates.

Program Learning Outcomes

Students completing a master’s degree in genetics and plant breeding will have the knowledge, skill set and professional capability to-

  • Conservation and creation of variation in the germplasm lend a hand to improvement of crop cultivars.
  • Develop and propose models on the cell, chromosome and inheritance of genes, alleles or other genetic elements controlling phenotype variation.
  • Implement physiological and biochemical principles along with classical and molecular genetics for improving cultivars through basic and advanced breeding methodology.
  • Elaborate these basics by gaining advanced knowledge of breeding techniques,mutation, transgenics, molecular genetics or digital agriculture.


The post-graduate lab under Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding is for exclusively utilized by PG Students of the department & faculty research programme. It features a binocular microscope attached with computer system for imaging, a deep freezer for storing the chemicals and molecular mixtures, laminar air-flow chamber, PCR machine, gel electrophoresis unit etc. The lab is well spaced for carrying out the laboratory observations and experiments during practical classes and research work.


The lab is equipped with conventional & modern plant breeding tools and cutting-edge instruments fostering an environment that encourages research, experimentation and critical thinking. Our facilities include modern workstations, safety equipment’s, analytical equipment’s and a wide range of chemicals & reagents.

Research Opportunities:

The Genetics and Plant Breeding lab to offers a comprehensive curriculum designed to cover various branches of Genetics and Plant Breeding. We encourage our students to engage in research projects and provide them with opportunities to work on cutting edge research topics and preparing them for future careers in industry.


Safety is our utmost priority and the lab adheres to strict safety protocols. Students are provided with lab coats, gloves and safety goggles to ensure a secure learning environment. Trained lab technicians and faculty members closely supervised all experiments to maintain a safe environment.


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