M.Sc. Agriculture – Master of Science (Horticulture)

The Master of Science in Horticulture is an advanced program that focuses on the art and science of plant cultivation. It equips students with the skills to improve plant growth, yield, and quality.


The program covers key areas such as plant propagation, crop production, plant breeding, and postharvest technology. It combines theoretical learning with hands-on experiences in plant cultivation. The course prepares students to contribute to the advancement of horticulture.

Career Opportunities

Graduates can pursue roles in the horticulture industry, research institutions, government agencies, and botanical gardens. They can work as horticulturists, plant breeders, landscape designers, and more.

Program Learning Outcomes

Understand advanced concepts in horticulture, and apply them to improve plant growth, yield, and quality.

Develop practical skills in plant cultivation through hands-on experiences.

Conduct research in horticulture, and contribute to the advancement of the field.



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