M.Sc. – Master of Science (Mathematics)

The Master of Science in Mathematics program provides an advanced study of mathematical theories and applications. It equips students with the skills to solve complex mathematical problems and conduct independent research.


This program covers advanced topics in pure and applied mathematics, including analysis, algebra, geometry, and statistics. Students will engage in independent research projects, deepen their understanding of mathematical concepts, and gain experience in mathematical modeling and problem-solving. The curriculum also fosters analytical thinking, abstract reasoning, and the ability to construct and present rigorous mathematical proofs.

Career Opportunities

Post graduates can find opportunities in sectors such as academia, finance, IT, data analysis, Actuary, Mathematician, Statistician, Data Scientist, Financial Analyst, Operations Research Analyst, Economist, Cryptographer, Research, Asset management, Accounting, Actuarial Analyst, Aerospace engineer and government. Potential roles include Mathematician, Data Analyst, Actuary, Statistician, and Financial Analyst.

Program Learning Outcomes

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the key concepts, theories, and principles of mathematics.

Develop strong problem-solving skills, and the ability to use logical reasoning to solve complex problems.

Acquire the ability to use mathematical software for problem-solving and modeling.


Our Mathematics Lab is a vibrant and dynamic space where students engage in hands-on mathematical exploration, problem-solving (SCILAB, MATLAB, PYTHON, LATEX, C++) and discovery.


The lab is equipped with a wide array of mathematical tools, manipulatives, and software that facilitate interactive and experiential learning. From geometric models and algebraic manipulatives to graphing calculators and mathematical software, our lab provides students with the resources they need to visualize and comprehend abstract mathematical concepts.

Research Opportunities:

The lab encourages students to engage in mathematical research projects, whether independently or in collaboration with faculty members. This fosters analytical thinking and creativity, allowing students to contribute to the advancement of mathematical knowledge.


While mathematical exploration may not involve physical risks, we prioritize creating a comfortable and inclusive learning environment where all students can engage with mathematical ideas without fear of judgment or intimidation. Our lab is a safe space for students to experiment, make mistakes, and learn from each other.


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