Develop the Institute as a University in the Coming Years

Every Possible Effort will be made to Develop the Institute as a University in the Coming Years

Today, on Wednesday, 22/11/2023, Shri Kripashankar Singh, former Minister of State for Home, currently BJP Vice President, Maharashtra and Shri Chitrasen Singh, member of Film Censor Board of India and Director Choir Board of India, were inaugurated at Shri Vishwanath PG College Kalan, Sultanpur. At the entrance of the college, Founder-Manager Mr. Bholanath Singh and Dean Dr. Ved Prakash Singh ‘Raju Bhaiya’ formally welcomed the chief guests with garlands and bouquets. Thereafter, the chief guests garlanded the statue of Goddess Saraswati with lotus flowers. The chief guests were brought on to the stage with thousands of students standing in the corridor showering flowers, cheering and playing musical instruments. While addressing the students, Chief Guest Shri Kripashankar Singh ji gave a special mantra to the students for discipline, hard work, dedication and sacrifice to be successful in life. Overwhelmed by the number of students, discipline and educational environment, the Chief Guest wished it to be transformed into a university. At the end of the program, Vice Chancellor Dr. Ved Prakash Singh ‘Raju Bhaiya’ on behalf of the college assured the chief guest that every possible effort will be made to develop the institute as a university in the coming years. Principal Dr. Manoj Kumar Singh, Inter College Manager Mr. Shashiprakash Singh, Administrative Officer Mr. Atul Kumar Singh and many dignitaries were present in the program.