Seminar-Nonlinear Dynamical Systems & Applications

Nonlinear Dynamical Systems

A two-day seminar based on the topic ‘Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and their Applications’ started from 07/11/2023 and successfully completed on 08/11/2023 at Shri Vishwanath PG College Kalan, Sultanpur.

In Seminar

The main speaker of the seminar was Dr. Uday Pratap Singh, Associate Professor and Dean of Mathematics Department, Central University, Jammu. Dr. Singh threw detailed light on the above topic by giving examples of things useful in daily life, which benefited everyone including the students. On this occasion, College Principal Dr. Manoj Singh, Dean Dr. Ved Prakash Singh, Inter College Principal Dr. Ashutosh Singh, Senior Lecturer DP Singh and learned professors of the college were present.